The Happy Prince and Other Tales

The Happy Prince and Other Tales


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The book is an 1888 collection of thoughtful stories written for children by Oscar Wilde. Through its five stories - The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Selfish Giant, The Devoted Friend, and The Remarkable Rocket - it teaches about life and the way to live it. The book is most famous for The Happy Prince, the short tale of a metal statue who befriends a migratory bird. Together, they bring happiness to others, in life as well as in death.

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Gain an appreciation for the exotic, the sensual and for masculine beauty Peer into the way the author, Oscar Wilde, perceives the world, and his life philosophy

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For children of all age For people looking for a fresh perspective on life

Оскар Уайлд

Оскар Уайлд